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Hurricane Ida

If you were affected by Hurricane Ida, the Joyner Law Firm is here to help.

Southeast Louisiana has suffered from one of the worst natural disasters in the history of this state.  For many in our great state, hurricane Ida brought devastating destruction to our homes.  From flood damage, to wind damage, category 4 Hurricane Ida left a path of destruction.  Unfortunately, you or one of your family members may have received property damage during this storm and have dealt with uncooperative insurance companies.

If you have contacted your insurance company, and they are refusing to provide the full and just compensation for your property damages, you may need to help of a competent property damage attorney.   Through this difficult time, the Joyner Law Firm can guide you through this complicated process and help you get the compensation you need to help rebuild your home and your lives. 

The stress and uncertainly of dealing with insurance companies, all along with rebuilding, can be too much.   An experienced attorney can help guide you in getting temporary repairs, obtaining temporary residence, helping with living expenses, getting your home rebuilt, and getting you through the difficult claims process with large insurance companies.  

Even though tragedy has hit this state, many of these large, out of state insurance companies are blind to the suffering caused by the devastating storm.  If your insurance company is acting bad faith, refusing to provide benefits you paid for, or is otherwise unresponsive, William Joyner is the attorney you need. He has the experience needed to handle your Louisiana property damage claim following the destruction left in the wake of hurricane Ida.

If you were affected by Hurricane Ida, we recommend that you document your losses.  Take photographs of your property and possessions and start creating a list of all personal and property items that were damage or destroyed.   Next, we recommend that you review your policy to know your rights and to file a claim against your insurance company as soon as possible.   The best and most efficient way to recovery your rights after filing your claim is to contact an experienced property damage attorney.

Additionally, the Joyner Law Firm not only deals with residential property damage, but commercial property damage as well.  If you own a business, you may have experienced significant interruptions or closure of your business, which could have led to not only a loss of revenue and income to yourself, but your employees as well. William Joyner is well versed in the complexities of the commercial property damage claims process.  As a business owner, it is important to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

We offer free initial consultations to anyone considering filing a claim for damages as a result of Hurricane Ida.  We do not charge for our legal services until after the resolution of your successful case. We also offer some of the lower legal fees in the region.  We will come and meet you at a location most convenient for you. So call today.

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About Our Firm


Will is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for his clients across the State of Louisiana. He will take the time to personally handle your case, listen to your story, and explain step-by-step the strategy that he believes will bring the best possible result for you. When you call Will, you know what you are getting: 100% effort and laser focus on winning your case. So call today.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and has received injuries due to the negligence acts of another, you need a successful advocate fighting for your rights. The Joyner Law Firm has gained the reputation for winning and successfully bringing cases to their full resolution.  William Joyner fights for his client until they get what they deserve.


The Joyner Law Firm prides itself in its client relationships.  We make sure to meet in person with all of our clients and come to them if we need to.  We are willing to hear your matter anytime, that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We take pride in getting to know our clients at a personal level and giving each client the special care they deserve, which larger personal injury law firms cannot provide.  The Joyner Law Firm also has special relationships with the local medical community in order to provide you the necessary medical care following your accident.  We also check in on each of our clients to make sure they are obtaining the necessary medical care and that all their needs are met throughout the injury claim process.

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Free Consultation

We offer free initial consultations for all personal injury cases. We do not charge for our legal services until after the resolution of your successful case, we also offer some of the lower legal fees in the Southern Louisiana area. We are also willing to meet you wherever you feel comfortable for the initial consultation.

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