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Auto Accidents

Everyday thousands of car accidents are reported in this country.  From minor fender benders to major life changing accidents, hiring an experience car accident attorney is important.  The Joyner Law Firm has years of experience in handling car accidents of many varieties. Through no fault of your own, you may be involved in a car accident and have sustained minor and/or life changing injuries as a driver or a passenger.  More tragically some people will die as a result of a car accident, leaving grief-stricken family members and loved ones. We work to get those affected their wrongful death damages.

New Home Construction Claims

Dealing with excessive humidity is not comfortable or fun. It’s even worse when there are higher humidity and moisture levels in your home. It can often feel warm, sticky, and just plain gross. But there’s more danger behind it than just feeling bad. Higher humidity and moisture levels can be an extreme threat to your property, including the structure, surfaces, and condition.

Did you know, for instance, that excessive moisture can damage wood, paint, insulation, and siding? What about the fact that it’s highly susceptible to allergens and pollutants like mold, and mildew? All of those things can cause severe health problems, even more so if
you suffer from allergies, asthma, and existing pulmonary ailments.

How can you tell when the humidity is too high inside your home? There are a couple of telltale signs like wet surface, foggy windows, and a heavy yet warm atmosphere. But you can also smell mildew or musty odors when your home is much too humid, which comes from moisture buildup.

Recently track home manufactures have come under legal pressure in Louisiana and other southern states the deal with high humidity. If you have recently purchased a new track home developed by D. R. Horton, DSLD, or similar, your home may have met federal codes, however, they may have failed to have been properly constructed to deal with Louisiana’s high humidity.

Defective Construction

When a negligent contractor or builder has done improper repairs or renovations, further damage can occur such as flooding. We have helped homeowners across Louisiana recover for incidental damages caused by defective construction. Know that it is important to use a contractor that is fully insured because accidents and mistakes happen.

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