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Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Will can help you negotiate with the insurance company if you have been involved in an accident. Will aims to avoid litigation, but if the insurance company's offer is not fair, he is not afraid to take the insurance company to court. Will has handled many civil trials and achieved favorable results for his clients.

Auto Accidents

Everyday thousands of car accidents are reported in this country.  From minor fender benders to major life changing accidents, hiring an experience car accident attorney is important.  The Joyner Law Firm has years of experience in handling car accidents of many varieties. Through no fault of your own, you may be involved in a car accident and have sustained minor and/or life changing injuries as a driver or a passenger.  More tragically some people will die as a result of a car accident, leaving grief-stricken family members and loved ones. We work to get those affected their wrongful death damages.

Worker's Compensation

At the Joyner Law Firm, our team is experienced in protecting the rights of injured workers. If you are an employee and sustained a work-related injury as a full-time, part-time, or seasonal employee, fault is of no factor, you may be entitled to compensation under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act.  You may be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills received from your workplace injury and for the time away from work due to the accident.   The Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Act also protects you from any form of occupational disease you may have sustained at your workplace.

Whether you are injured in an offshore accident, construction site, or factory, an experienced lawyer can guide you through the long and complicated worker’s compensation process to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Oftentimes, insurance companies or employers will try to deny or minimize your compensation from the very moment you file a claim.  The Joyner Law Firm is experienced in handling worker’s compensation cases and handling the technicalities of law that can greatly benefit you through the process and provide you the maximum benefits you are entitled to.  If you were injured at your workplace, call us now and receive a free initial consultation.

Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall and trip and fall injuries can occur almost anywhere. If you slip and/or fall down for any reason that may be attributed to another party’s fault or negligence and you are injured, you could possibly have a claim for injuries. Many people are injured every year in slip and fall and trip and fall accidents caused by hazardous conditions created by other people’s negligence.  If this situation applies to you, please contact our office for a free legal consultation.

Medical Malpractice

There are many great doctors out there who do a good job helping people and making them feel better.  Doctors take on the burden helping diagnose complicated medical issues or conducting complex surgeries.  Unfortunately, doctors are human, and mistakes can happen.  Doctors can sometimes overlook symptoms, make errors during surgery, or misdiagnose a medical issue. If you or a family member received a misdiagnosis and the misdiagnosis resulted in a worsening medical condition, or if you have been a victim of a doctor’s negligence during a surgery, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Additionally, you may be entitled to compensation from not only the doctor, but the hospital as well.   

A Medical Malpractice attorney who has experience in guiding you through the legal hurdles of medical malpractice issues is important in obtaining the maximum amount of your deserved compensation.  The Joyner Law Firm has years of experience in handling all kinds of medical malpractice issues.  William Joyner knows how the defense side work and he can use his knowledge to help lead your case through the legal hurdles and provide you the full compensation you deserve.

General Liability

If you have been involved in an accident or sustained an injury through other means not specified, the Joyner Law Firm can still meet your needs.  Our Firm is a full-service law firm that can take on a wide range of areas of personal injury and negligence.  The Joyner Law Firm has experience with diminished value of vehicles, renters’ rights, property damage, product liability, maritime injuries, construction injuries and many other personal injury areas.

Commercial Litigation

The Joyner Law Firm also has experience with commercial litigation.  If you own a business and have been a victim of fraud, a contract violation, unfair competition/antitrust violation, stolen intellectual property, and/or breach of fiduciary duty, the Joyner Law Firm can successfully resolve your matter.   The Joyner Law Firm can also successfully establish business and provide the necessary knowledge and resources to establish your business and meet all of the Louisiana Statutory requirements.

Business Formation and Disputes

Will has experience helping individuals launch personal businesses. Schedule a meeting with Will to discuss the best course of action for your new or existing business.

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The Importance of Contacting an Experienced Attorney

The seriousness of a car accident does not always translate to the seriousness of your injuries.  Even if you are involved in a minor fender bender and sustained little to no car damage, you may still have received spinal injuries to your back and neck, shoulder injuries, brain trauma, concussions, or injuries to  your lower legs or arms.   For these types of accidents, it is important to obtain legal representation as insurance companies will try to deny you from your deserved compensation for injuries sustained.  The Joyner Law Firm has years of experience in handling both minor and severe car accidents. 

Before starting the Joyner Law Firm, William Joyner worked for years for insurance companies. He knows how these companies operate and the ways these companies use technicalities of the law to their advantage; this knowledge gives William Joyner the unique advantage in helping with all your auto-accident needs.


Prior to pursuing the rights of injured parties, William Joyner worked for insurance companies in several practice areas.  He knows the ends and outs on how insurance companies and defense firms defend cases.  Therefore, the Joyner Law Firm is equipped to provide you the most successful resolution for your personal injury case which means the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Example Business Matters:

  • Representing property owners bringing claims of property damage due to flood, storm, fire or third party interference

  • Representing property owners in boundary disputes with third parties

  • Representing business owners in disputes with vendors or other third parties

  • Representing individuals or businesses in negotiating construction or other service contracts

  • Representing employers or employees facing wrongful termination or compensation disputes

  • Representing individuals harmed by defective consumer products

So you are looking to incorporate your small business. The best choice of business entity to use for your small business depends on your business and your goals. There are several different options for business entities and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The choice of entity can affect the tax implications, personal liability and ease of adding or removing stakeholders in the future. Here are some of the primary choices of business entities:

Limited Liability Company

LLCs are the most popular choice for small business owners. The advantages of choosing an LLC for your business is the ease and cost-effectiveness of the formation process, the limitations of personal liability, and the ease of tax planning.

S Corporation

This can be either a corporation, limited liability company or a partnership that makes an election under Subchapter S of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code. An S corporation elects to pay no income taxes and is taxed as a partnership. Shareholders report the income and losses on each's individual tax returns.

C Corporation

A C corporation is taxed separately from its shareholders. A C corporation can deduct certain business expenses that a S Corporation may not be allowed to deduct.  


A partnership is an agreement between one or more partners and is not taxed as a separate entity. The partners report the income and expenses of the partnership on each of their individual returns. A partnership does not provide the limits on personal liability that a LLC or Corporation may otherwise provide. 

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